About Ding Dong Dog Training

Leslie Nelson is a married mother of four children and two chihuahuas, Vinny and Posey, looking to share her tips, advise and experiences as a pet trainer.

I began a career in the pet industry in 1986 working for a small family owned pet business.   Starting out as a volunteer/assitant to the groomers my passion for working with dogs was ignited.  Oh the joy of seeing a dirty mutt metamorphis into a show dog was completely facinating to me.  It was an art form that I desperatly wanted to learn.  It didn’t take long before I was bathing, brushing and learning to groom myself.   It soon became my full time employment opening up a number of opportunities to learn more about the relationship between dog and human, pet and owner, master and companion.

While I was crafting my skill as a pet groomer I often groomed pets from the local humane society.  This allowed me to practice and gave these animals the best chance of adoption.  One of the dogs was an Afghan Hound that was a complete mess inside and out.  After shaving every inch of him down to naked,  he was in horrific condition, I was drawn in by his sad eyes and nervous attitude about the world around him.  So I adopted him against the advise of  my mentors that knew this dog was in need of more than I might be able to offer.  But that only fanned the flames of my personal passion to help this animal.  And so the world of training was introduced to me through formal dog training classes.